• Sustainable Watches

    Sustainable Watches

    The best wooden watches are made from sustainable wood by a company that cares about the world around us. When buyers are in the market for a watch, they don’t typically think about looking for a watch made from wood, however, these watches are an amazing addition to anyone’s box of accessories.
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  • Buy a Sustainable Watch

    Buy a Sustainable Watch

    An eco-friendly watch makes a nice gift for yourself or someone you love. The watch is made from a sustainable wood product like pui or teak. The wood is durable and easy to keep clean and shiny. The company that makes this watch is concerned about the environment and therefore they offer every customer an opportunity to purchase a tree. That tree will be planted in a forest that is in desperate need. Any company that cares that much about the earth is a company that also cares about the customer. Purchase a watch with confidence knowing that you are getting a great product.

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  • How To Suit The Watch For Every Occasion?

    How To Suit The Watch For Every Occasion?

    The holidays are upon us and many people are thinking hard about what to get their loved ones. The gift list gets longer every year but there are a few special people that you want to show your appreciation for. Why not buy them designer women’s watches online? These watches will make an amazing gift that the recipient will cherish forever. A watch made by a company who is environmentally conscious, gives back to the earth, and offers a great product is a company that is worth buying from.
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  • Wooden Watches- The new trend

    Wooden Watches- The new trend

    We already know about the never ending craze of the wrist watches. Somewhere at the back of our mind we know that no matter what how much technological advancements are made but the emphasis on classic time pieces will never come to a close. Be it James Bond or Bruce Wayne they all need their time pieces in top-notch condition so does many other.Despite of world’s dependence on smart phones or coming up of smart watches, there is no beating classic wristwatches. Talking of the wristwatch trends, there has been a new loop of trend of wooden watches. These incredibly...

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  • Purchase Affordable ‘One of a Kind’ Timepieces

    Purchase Affordable ‘One of a Kind’ Timepieces

    Typically, when someone says ‘one of a kind’ they don’t truly mean that there is only one such product out there but rather that it is different from the mainstream collections. However, in the case of Mistura wooden wrist watches there are various selections available that are only made exactly that way one time because of the products and characteristics involved.

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  • A Beautiful Time Piece

    A Beautiful Time Piece

    The best wooden watches make for great gift ideas for someone special or for your own desire. They are beautiful and unique which makes them perfect for a special event. They are varied in their style and colours so there is sure to be one to match that cute dress or a masculine one for a man and his business suit.
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