Our Materials


This tree is found throughout Southern America from Mexico through to Colombia. Distinctive due to its immense height of up to 130 feet. Pui comprises a straight trunk, yellow flowers and natural shades of green and brown set against the contrasting blue sky this is a truly awe inspiring tree. The wood of this tree provides an outstanding material by which to create our watches, due to its incredible strength and resistance coupled with its malleability enabling its precise manipulation into an array of designs.



Teak provides an exceptional finish to our unique watches wooden wristwatches. This magnificent tree, measured at 98 feet in height, originated in Southern Asia and is now present in Colombia. Its wood is famously called “the queen of woods,” and has been used to construct a range of prestigious items from early ships to modern-day yachts. Its greatest attribute, resistance to moisture, makes the Teca Tree one of the most valuable species in the world.




 This tropical tree standing 40 feet in height, originates from Africa. It is widely known for its deep dark black wood and has been used since early times for its dense texture as a raw material in construction. For this reason, Mistura keeps Ebano in mind for its exclusive wooden wristwatches collection when crafting dials for its watches.




 Purple Heart provides a distinctive finish to our contemporary watches. South Pacific forests located in both Costa Rica and Colombia are privileged to provide home to this exquisite tree, standing a breath taking 160 feet tall. Renowned for the fascinating purple tone that its wood acquires when glazed by light, which in turn lays in contrast against its striking pure white flowers. The density of its wood and its natural fungal and insect fighting composition make it a perfect building block for our artists in search of products with excellent durability.



The use of Bamboo ensures a very unique watch. Versatility and movement are the most common attributes associated with this fascinating green plant; with its fluorescent green and yellow tones, it is known as the “grass of steel” and can measure up to 82 feet in height. It is found throughout China and Korea, from the Southern Hemisphere to Indonesia. The characteristics of Bamboo are astoundingly similar to those of wood, making it one of the most widely used raw materials today. Its extreme durability comes from the impressive number of elastic fibers contained within its cortex.