Volkano Inspiration

The watchcase for the Volkano model was created for our Mistura brand by designer Nicolás Díaz/rayanegra ®. The marks on the earth left behind by the flow of lava and its similarity to the Mistura logo merged to become the inspiration for this beautiful case. Such, is integrated in a very subtle way evident in the way the numbers blend with the organic shapes. The colors, as well, reiterate the volcanoes power combining all of the elements present to create a breathtakingly beautiful design.

The nobility of the wood and the strength of the fire, two concepts that may appear to be a contradiction at first, come together to create a timepiece of great harmony.

Just as the increasing size of the rings inside a tree reveal the age of the tree, so too does the wood in the Mistura watches.The wood tells us a life story with each of its lines. It is in this way that our Volkano model is brought to life.

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