How a Mistura Timepiece is Born

With more than 85 hours of artisanal labor, each Mistura timepiece is unique and unrepeatable. For over ten years, our artisans have specialized in the art of watch making and have dedicated themselves to studying every detail of the process. As true artists, they have mastered the ability to envision the potential of the wood selected for its corresponding designed timepiece.

Mistura design watchesIn order to begin our conversation on this process, we must begin by acknowledging that we work with “live materials”. Such live materials breath and respond differently to each medium in which they are placed.

For all these reasons, the selection of the wood is our first and most important step. Each individual piece of wood is selected out of thousands by our artisans who search for the proper materials for the job. The selected pieces may not have knots, scratches, or deep imperfections that could compromise its resistance.

Once selected, our pieces of wood move along to the process of cutting. The cut pieces provide varying numbers of watch parts. Each artisan works with a piece of wood by shaping it based on the mold of the desired model.

mistura unique watchesNext in the process is the filing of each piece by hand. Such step results in the uncovering of the natural shine of the wood. The natural oils of the wood accentuate its true color palette and provide an organic finish.

Our watch experts, securing the integrity of each detail, perform the assembly of the mechanical parts manually. Each timepiece is elaborated upon on an individual case by each artisan.

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